metal panels

metal panels Aaigem Our offer comprises the sale and installation of suspended metal ceilings, in office buildings, schoolsshopping centers, airports and everywhere else where suspended metal ceilings are the ideal solution.

Our suspended metal ceilings stand out for their high quality, aesthetics and light weight. They have good sound absorption and light reflection parameters. They mask all systems, such as A/C, ventilation, power or alarm
Our offer of suspended metal ceiling installation is also available for clients in Aaigem
T: 0488 572 617 | 0487 19 47 21
Lange Klarenstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen


  • installation and sale of metal panels
  • Fire-resistant suspended ceilings
  • available for clients in Aaigem
  • available for clients in Aalbeke
  • metal panels for hospitals, offices, schools
  • aluminium suspended ceilings
  • with various noise reduction coefficients
  • with various light reflection coefficients
Lange Klarenstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen
T: 0488 572 617
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